An Unofficial Unification Church Photo Archive

This site was born on June 28, 2020.  My name is Lonnie Wormley and I created this site.  I was chatting with Adam Dickson and he inspired me to post pictures that I took during my time in the Unification Church.

This site will evolve, but for now, there are a few pictures posted under the News menu.  Have fun.

Fundraising with flower carts in downtown Los Angeles circa 1981

I worked with the fundraising efforts in Los Angeles. i designed and built these flower carts that were used to sell roses and other flowers to support the missionary efforts for the church. I remember building the carts so that they fould be easily taken apart and put…

Rev Miners birthday

Unification Church Lifestyle circa 1980 Rev. Miner’s Birthday

Camp Mozumdar Workshop circa July 1979

I was the main cook at Camp Mozumdar for several years. I enjoyed supplying the food for the staff and workshop attendees for the weekend seminars and the seven day and longer workshops. I started cooking when I was attending one of the workshops at the camp. During…

Toni Lee Huntington Library

Unification Church Lifestyle circa 1979

Camp Mozumdar Temple

Camp Mozumdar circa 1978

I spent several years working at Camp Mozumdar. I served as the head cook and I did maintenance work on the campgrounds. Two of my construction mentors were Walter Frank and Konrad Popp. Two of my cooking mentors were Beverly Berndt and Toni Lee. I’ll make an update…

Camp Mozumdar circa 1975