I worked with the fundraising efforts in Los Angeles. i designed and built these flower carts that were used to sell roses and other flowers to support the missionary efforts for the church.

I remember building the carts so that they fould be easily taken apart and put into vans so that they could be transported to and from the locations where flowers were sold.

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  1. marquisvdm on June 29, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Lonnie, your eforts allowed us to fundraise, I loved selling flowers on the FR teams, you were always a shining light of inspiration after a long day fundraining the streets of LA. I sold in LA for many years, thank you for your service. I remember coming home from a nights fundaising seeing your art work hanging on an easel at Huntington drive you wre alaways a very artistic artist, thanks for these pictures, I was so skinny back then. Marquis Van De Mark

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